According to a faith for some or a legend for the others, in front of the incapacity of the humanity to answer the expectations of his Creator, a punishment in the form of torrent would have been imposed on him to give him a second chance. For some spared persons, a sign would have been given to them by a dove bringing back a stalk of olive tree indicating that the ground was close. In spite of the promise that never there would be no torrent, everything takes place as if a similar disaster could occur again either by immediate combustion ( major, still possible nuclear conflict) or by slow combustion (reheating of the climate by greenhouse effect). This time it would be the punishment that we shall have imposed ourselves ourselves by our incapacity to find a model of management which respects the rights or the aspiration of every person as well as the protection of their environment.

Indeed, the current model of management is based on the competition which has as result to produce more and more losers or outcasts. As human beings, it would never be necessary to admit that the wealth of some builds itself on the exclusion from the others because in the long run, those that at first take advantage of it, will become too victims. A caricature would indeed demonstrate the phenomenon. A crowd of sheeps which would be irrésitiblement pushed towards a headland advancing in the sea would lead gradually to the disappearance of all the sheeps.

For those that become aware of this reality, he should involve a very bad short story. But this awareness should automatically have to return them to another reality. It is that generally any phenomenon has its opposite. In this case, the opposite of the exclusion would be obviously the inclusion. If I had to define the mission of " the Operation doubles full employment ", I would say that it consists essentially in seeing to it that a process of inclusion of all the human beings, in all the levels is begun as soon as possible. " The weapon " or the means to fight the exclusion should be the double full employment, that is the full employment in the sense that every person who wishes to work according to her capacities, could do it and full employment in the sense of the maximal use of its potential for its good and that of the community. Behind this vision purely humanist of " the Operation full employment doubles " hides the another vision infinitely bigger which is the spiritual vision. It is what gave me the idea to identify me with a dove. However, I should admit that it made my affair(business) keep certain anonymity. I mention " certain anonymity " because I know very well that Internet users by no means fûtés will manage to identify me even if I am on a site of loan.

So, as dove, I would like to give you a sign that a new earth is in sight. As a consequence, if one decides to put the cap above and if one indeed wants to give himself the effort to row, everything is still possible. That is that I came there to a very big hope not to say a certainty that any action or any project begun with the intuition that it is good for ourselves and check for all the others becomes possible. In other words, the impossible becomes possible. This would apply also to the concern of the strongest to give the means to the weakest to take their place.

There are at least two fundamental differences between the dove of the Bible or the legend and the one that I represent. The first, it is that instead of bringing a stalk of olive tree indicating the presence of ground life, I would bring a stalk of impossible made possible indicating the presence of One Bigger than us. The problem it is that this " stalk of impossible made possible " is not visible because I can not reveal you the exact nature of it. The solution it is that I invite you to verify yourself. A second difference, it is that the message of the biblical or legendary dove arrived after the disaster or the punishment whereas mine arrives before.

As mentioned higher, it is a question of replacing the current engine of the evolution which uses the competition as energy by that using the creation / cooperation in all the domains of the human activity. The plan of the capitalist - socialist cell should give an idea of the characteristics and the functioning of this "engine". For the moment, I am held it to mention that it has the characteristics at the same moment of a rocket and a human cell. The link with the rocket likes the fact which the inclusive persons will be invited constantly to work on themselves or on their environment. In other words, always to tend "to rise" towards best, towards the best, as if one tried to release himself from the Earth' attraction. The link with the human cell aims to symbolize its reproduction on the scale of the planet by way of the forming of each of the organs, representing every domain of the human activity as well as the intellectual, moral or spiritual dimensions of the individuals.

In fact, it is a question of creating a microcosm or a sample of the humanity which we would wish for the next century. I claim that the capitalist - socialist cell has the capacity to realize this wish because she would allow to every human being to realize her potential inside a community restricted to a group of employees by their participation in the promotion of the criteria. This participation should so have to facilitate them " the escalation " of Maslow's pyramid.

This realization of the potential of every human being will see to it, that one day all the human beings will form this humanity wished and suspected by the paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Indeed, he considered, that after a long progress all the social groups that they can religious, political or economic, would join in a point that he called Oméga. This progress which is represented by the plan ( Human sheet) shows us that it would extend over thousands of years. But I indicate that he left this world in 1955 and that since, many domains were subjected to forces of acceleration of extraordinary changes which see to it that unless being a seer, nobody would have been able to imagine at this moment, when forty five years later, the humanity would have given itself a system looking like strangely a brain in the global scale (Internet) and when as a consequence, this point Oméga would be maybe much more near us than he foresaw it.


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