At the dawn of the new millennium, I offer myself to represent the dove which would give you a sign that a new earth is in sight, by suggesting you a plan which I called " Operation double full employment " and which would make possible the humanity which we would wish to have for the next century.

As its title indicates it, it is about an operation of full employment in the meaning that every person who wishes to work according to her capacities, could do it and full employment in the meaning of full employment of brains. This operation would have point of departure, an association which would reconcile the capitalist interests and the social aspiration. To do it, it is necessary to change the current engine of the evolution, that is to replace an engine having the competition energy by an other one using the creation / cooperation. This energy would be produced by combining the reduced working week and the increase of the productivity. I baptized this type of engine " capitalist - socialist cell ".


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