All which precedes concerns so what I could identify as being the philosophic or long-term aspect of " Operation doubles full employment ". The aspect down-to-earth or in the short run should interest those that had the curiosity to read to me up to here because the continuation concerns all those who are unemployed or who work too much , who feel depreciated in their work or under paid. Those that would wish to develop their potential or their feeling of membership in a group or in a cause. The continuation should interest also every person who depends directly or indirectly, financially or in common of all those whom I have just identified with the world of the employees or the unemployed persons.

I claim that this operation should interest the business world because it contains the dimension productivity of companies. Quite as it is demonstrated in the article appeared in the Reader's Digest of August, 1962 entitled " A factory where everybody is associated ", every worker would have a self-interest what profits are highest possible. Dépendamment the type of companies, the employers' part will have only to choose the criteria which she wishes to make register in the center of the capitalist - socialist cell and she(it) will be automatically assured(insured) that every employee will become a researcher of ideas to advance each of these criteria without resorting to means of exaggerated surveillance or to threats of dismissal. It seems that in many cases, one manages so to eliminate until 80 % of the staff - frame. To avoid a possible boycotage on behalf of the executives who will want nothing to know how to work on a project which will see to it that on ten individuals, it will there remain only two in place, it will be necessary to foresee their recycling as agent of forming(training) to inform the employees in each of the criteria of the capitalist - socialist cell.

For all the employees who are for the employment(use) of bodies where the productivity is not measurable, ( the hospitable, police or other staff), the reduced working week should follow by means of elements of comparison at the level of the task so that they are not disadvantaged or simply not left for account. Indeed, even if in theory, the reduced working week would take advantage to everybody, it is necessary that the effort is most also shared possible.

Finally, this operation should interest those that reached(affected) the summits of the wealth, the billionaires, as well by the philosophic aspect developed in the first part(party) of this introduction as by the aspect down-to-earth of the second. Exactly, they will see there the occasion to grow rich more by investing(surrounding) or by joining with companies already in place working in the field of production of essential possessions and service offers which will be most by demand when the three billion individuals which gain(win) less than two dollars a day at present will have the means to buy them itself thanks to the reduced working week. It is that I believe that one will see more and more billionaires of the kind(genre) to Mister Soros " A billionaire philanthropist ". It seems that for certain rich, when they reached(affected) a stage(stadium) where they become aware that they can not spend the money(silver) which they gained(won), they have the taste to create foundations with humanitarian purposes. And as the " Operation doubles full employment " aims at raising(bringing up) the level of life and consciousness of all the human beings, it is possible that she(it) is eligible in the creation of a foundation with the advantages which it contains at the level of tax credits. This operation being so financed by the billionaires or of more modest investors and by all the taxpayers, capital would be practically inexhaustible because of a chain reaction of neurones comparable to that produced in the nuclear reaction.

This chain reaction would occur from the notivateurs agents (reduced working week, premiums to the inventor, honors etc.) who would act on the neurones of every member inside a capitalist cell. In other words, each would be interested to advance the criteria where it(he) excels. Given that all the members would make(do) also, at first, there would be effectively a proportional reduction of time of work in the effort which they would have supplied. In a second time, this reduction of working time would produce a liberation of time which would facilitate the perfection in each of the criteria, completing so a first pendulum's swing enriched every return for the following ones. As I hinted there a little higher, there would be another effect of progress caused by the efforts of each for the benefit of the others and the efforts of the set(group) for the benefit of each.

A third effect of progress would occur further to the phenomenal enrichment of the regimes of savings registered(recorded) by pension ( REER) which have for second purpose the job creation. As it(he) is mentioned in the site in the chapter " Double full employment and productivity ", in Quebec, there are two capital of this kind(genre) (Solidarity fund and Fondaction) and I suggest a means which looks like more an obligation than an incentive so that all the employees who are inside a capitalist - socialist cell subscribe at most.

The participation of these capital being foreseen in the stake staggers it of the " Operation doubles full employment " (one hour a week and maybe even two) conditional clause in a "tacit" commitment on behalf of the employees to invest(surround) at most in these capital, there would be so entrances(entries) of collection(capital,fund) always superior to the demands of participation for the operation, because of tax credits connected with these capital, which boils with it of line, as for the foundations with humanitarian purposes mentioned higher are paid by the whole population, the taxpayers. Really, as also for the foundations, it is rather about an investment because profits or collective advantages will be always superior to their costs.

Simply to underline two of it, in the first place, maximal signature in these capital will allow a more and more hasty pension freeing(releasing) so persons still in full ownership of their means to form volunteers' regiment in humanitarian projects besides making(doing) of the place for new employees. Secondly, the accumulated reserves will allow to increase the annual monetary participation in every cell which could exceed both hours a week foreseen always to the advantage of the new employees and of the set(group).

A fourth effect of progress would indirectly come to add to the three first ones. It is about the autosufficiency. Although being difficult to estimate at present, it is very possible that the autosufficiency which is a consequence of the reduced working week there becomes one of the main factors. It is that the pushed specialization often leads(drives) always not to tell to neglect the capacities or the talents which possesses the professional or other worker.

Furthermore, the generalized reduced working week will boost(relaunch) former(old) customs where one exchanged possessions and services (barter). It is there about the antithesis of a theory which supports that it is the economic activity which creates some employment(use) while really, she allows simply to a storekeeper to increase her volume of sale. This theory goes as far as recommending the implementation of programs of subsidies to companies which invent useless or harmful products under excuse that they create employments(uses).

Besides savings realized thanks to the autosufficiency and to the barter, there would be an effect of progress for the benefit of the human activity in the sense(direction) that more a worker will produce the good or will give himself a service which it is capable of producing or of looking itself, more it(he) will dare to dash in production or more difficult actions. Practised on a high scale(ladder) the autosufficiency and the barter would have incalculable effects at the level of the decrease of the economic activity for the benefit of the human activity. All the "lost" employments(uses) would be at once transformed into reduced working week. The fact that the employees would have fewer products to be bought and fewer services to be demanded would allow the stabilization of price and salaries, major cause of the release(extension) of the ditch among the rich and the poor men, these last ones having a lower power of negotiation compared with the first ones. Preservation of the value of the capital of pension. Reduction of needs in raw materials and reduction of the pollution caused by their transformation in useless or harmful products. It is there only about some examples of positive effects. In a future maybe not as distant as one could believe him(it) thousands of positive effects more at least important will have been discovered(found) by the "employees - researchers" included in the millions of capitalist - socialist cells.

At this moment, the work will be so shared to equal part among all the human beings to produce possessions and to get services considered essential or useful that one will have the impression(printing) to have freed(franked) itself from the painful or boring work. Indeed, to be accused of having transposed a paragraph of the philosophic aspect into that is in hiding - à-terre, one can imagine that when the human activity will amount to get possessions and necessary services to satisfy the scale of Maslow's needs and that(what) this task will be shared by all the human beings, for all the human beings, by taking into account also advantages of the autosufficiency and the barter, one can imagine, I say that the planet will have given itself the appearance of a gigantic building site where each would work for the good of the set(group) and the set(group) for the good of each.

For those that would be sceptic as for the possibility that the formula of the capitalist - socialist cell is applicable short-term, although it seems a little complicated, I am convinced that one day, it will be necessary to arrive there there. The moment when she(it) will be applicable depends of a set of factors or in a situation which one can not provoke nor even to favor. It is simply necessary to believe in the thought which says that " Nothing is more strong than an idea which arrives at its time " what I believe firmly, it is that when one will be in front of the "launch window" of this idea, it will not be necessary to apply a method drip because it would be as if one did not know that the engine of a plane should be pushed to full speed to fly away. It is necessary so that the speakers are ready and determined completely to participate in a program of reduced working week bound(connected) to the increase of the productivity similar to that suggested in the chapter " Double full employment and productivity " if one wants to hope for the stake staggers it of the " Operation doubles full employment " in the future fellow man.


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