Basic element for the last phase of the evolution.

The vertical lines in the centre, serve for identifying the criteria. Those of the left-handler(left), represent the criteria concerning the productivity or the profit and by extension, the capitalism. Those of right-hand side represent the quality of life or the social and by extension the socialism: promotion of the human being, environment, better wealth distribution etc. These criteria should be identified by the trade-union part(party) and the employers' part(party). To give to the "rocket" a power of maximal acceleration, by taking into account the implementation of an intrapreneuriale formula, it would be good that one or several owners of an idea which will have been accepted and estimated are 10 % of the total economy before the distribution in three, transformable in reduction of working time. So, even if this incentive very powerful (fuel) will often pull(entail) an elimination of employments(uses) ensuing directly from the application of its idea, " the inventor " should have no scruples to go to the end of his project because he will have the assurance that a job creation valued will be made for the benefit of the community, of which he is a part naturally, for all the reasons mentioned somewhere else in this document.


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