To facilitate the understanding of this file, I see fit to inform you that it(he) contains two very different aspects according to the forming(training) and the interest of the Internet user. The philosophic aspect addresses those that question on the problems of the company(society) and the possible solutions. My personal questioning and the fate led(drove) me towards a theory advanced(moved) by a paleontologist doubled by a theologian named Pierre Teilhard de Chardin of whom I make(do) my personal vision of it in the chapter " Necessity of a new orientation ". This researcher of past and dreamer of the future had suspected a transformation of the humanity from the creation of a social climate favoring the realization of the potential of every human being. The faith was for the effect that this transformation joined a project where the human being would go to meet the divine, in a personal and collective step(method) always aiming at the best. It is exactly the purpose at which aims the " Operation full employment doubles ".

As for the aspect down-to-earth, my modest forming(training) and also the fate led(drove) me to build my own theory according to which it would be necessary to find a compromise the capitalist principle enters the cooperative principle (a person, a vote) and (an action, a vote). In the caricatural shape, in the first case, it is to whom will make(do) least of it and in the second, it is for whom will make(do) most. Both cases of lead(drive) it to the excesses. The principle of competition characterized by the capitalist - socialist cell seems to me an acceptable compromise by avoiding extremes while favoring the creativity. It is there about the dimension productivity, of which should take into account companies if they want to remain competitive, developed by Mister Hervé Serieyx, apostle of the motivation of the staff in the site: / jefnews / serieyx.htm. The idea of the reduced working week comes to me from Mister Benoît Marquis, economist " Solidarity against the unemployment ". I connected simply the dimension productivity with the reduced working week. I would not be surprised if several Internet users who considered interested only in one of the aspects have the taste to cross(exceed) the phychologique border who separate them, because in my spirit, both aspects are called to merge. As I mentioned him(it) at the beginning, this opinion aims only at facilitating the understanding of it avoiding as well as the mixture of both aspects discourage the guests. You will notice that I was even until divide the introduction into two to increase the chances to reach(affect) this purpose.


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