Ten years ago, I had prepared a document of around thirty pages which I had entitled " The possible humanity of the year 2000 ". I realize today that I had given evidence of an exaggerated optimism and a very big naivety by believing that major changes would be made at the level of the planet over a period so short. This time, I did not take luck(chance) and I took away the schedule of due dates in the year 3000. In this way, I do not risk to be disappointed. But I hope that my children or grandchildren will take advantage of suggestions which are going to follow because they will have been considered deserving being applied further to their appearance to Internet. I am anxious to indicate that my decision to use(employ) this means is the outcome of a time in the wilderness which lasted more than thirty five years. I do not believe to exaggerate by comparing this long walking with a time in the wilderness because hundreds of steps(methods) which I made(did) interested only some persons whom I considered nevertheless as persons enough in a strong position to make move things but that I believe to have been blocked(surrounded) by groups having opposite interests in the objective of " the Operation doubles full employment ".

As ten years ago, I grew check to disguise to give a symbol to my step(method). The first time, it was in gene indicated(appointed) to create an attraction between the capitalism and the social. Three years later the appearance of my document which had been presented to three levels politics(policy), in three levels employers' and three levels trade-union, I grew to perceive(collect) signs that the fusion of the capitalist and socialist genes of the unity of management where I worked had been made. I indicate that this fusion represented for me the conception of a capitalist - socialist cell, that is the beginning of association between the interests of the direction(management) of the factory ( the productivity) and the aspiration of the employees (quality of life in the work, the valuation, etc.) Regrettably, it seems that the high direction(management) of the company was not ready for this premature "pregnancy" and would have rather chosen the abortion. It was so about a not wished "pregnancy", because too much centred on the material and on some persons.

In choississant to disguise me as dove which announces that the impossible becomes possible in certain conditions, I think of making reference to One Bigger than us and so to give a spiritual dimension to my step(method). By presenting these suggestions on Internet, I have the impression(printing) to address all those which(who), consciously or not, are in position of dominion and also to those that, consciously or not, are in position of weakness because they are dominated. Even if I am aware(conscious) that little of dominant will acquaint with this announcement, or because they do not believe in it or that they are rather interested to maintain their position of force and that the dominated will not acquaint with it because they despair or that they have no means to have access to the Internet, as the dove, peace symbol, I see as a mission makes him(it) make(do) everything so that these two groups join in a common project of establishment of a concept of winner - winner.

I am anxious to indicate that I do not claim to have discovered(found) everything myself or to have reinvented the wheel. All my suggestions are based on opinions or on visions of persons far more qualified than me on subjects which will be approached on this document. Some of these persons present us a global sight of " the Operation doubles full employment " and the others directed on a particular aspect. Simply to demonstrate the variety of my consultants, there is Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, researcher on the past of the human beings and dreamer on their future. Without wanting to minimize the role by the others whom are going to follow, I do not believe that I would have had the taste or the courage to begin this step(method) if I had not acquainted with the books(pounds). If the future proved me that this lad is not right, I believe that would return to the desert to bury me there.

The other consultants are Einstein, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Albert Jacquard, Hervé Sérieyx, Tom Peters, Gilles Trempe, Sanctimonious Marquees and many others. I hope not to be accused of flight(theft) of copyrights by announcing to you their opinions. I am not afraid of this parce eventuality some died for a long time and the others rather seem to me to have in heart to return service to the humanity. Maybe as they will be happy that I make(do) them a free advertisement.


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