That one believes in a creation of all which exists which would have been made in six days or that(what) one believes in an evolution of the life extending over millions of years, several questions can appear to us without answer. I shall be held it in those which(who) concern my step(method). The first which comes to me in the spirit is this one. Is there Anybody bigger that we which(who) has a plan which has of the sense(direction) for us? My long time in the wilderness often gave me the occasion to doubt it. But the simple fact that I consider as a dove which announces that the impossible becomes possible in certain conditions demonstrates that I have reasons for believing in it.

I knew well that the seed which one commits to the earth, it is not we who make her(it) germinate and grow until maturity, according to its sort. It was the same for all the demonstrations of the life. There where I saw a problem, it was the imbalance among the human beings. It seems that a humorist said: ' If it is a God who created the world, I hope that He has a good excuse ". Exactly, by seeing the miracles of the universe or the nature, one can wonder why He did not think that by giving so much freedom to the human beings, this would amount to the law of the jungle and that one day under the cover of the globalization of markets, more and more big giants would crush a more and more big number of small. One can wonder also why there is David to fight(dispute) this Goliath of modern times. The answer to these questions could be contained in the announcement of the dove, because in the world of the impossible, a small impossible remains as impossible as a big impossible. An example, would be that a blade of grass, which grows without human intervention deserves as well delight as the biggest of trees.

So, by announcing you that I experimented or was a witness of small impossible become possible in certain conditions, I think of being able to announce you as well that I believe that the biggest impossible to build itself a model of management which respects the rights or the aspiration of every person is possible... And it in spite of the extremely negative balance of the humanity on these two aspects. However, I should admit that I doubt still the existence of these small impossible made possible in past.

At present, I cross a so dark and hopeless period at the level of an impossible that I hoped to see coming true (as the others, because I believed that the conditions were gathered(reunited)) that I was until think that those of the past, were maybe only mirages, after all. I suppose that this means that I did not maybe complete my time in the wilderness and that after some days when I was not able to advance(move) in the composition of this text because of this doubt, I should collect all my energies to deliver you the message of hope of the dove... Because I indeed hope not to be the crow of the Bible or the legend. Indeed, it seems that it is in the crow that Noé had confided(entrusted) mission to go to see if the earth(ground) was close. The crow returned because he had been able to settle(arise) nowhere. One can imagine that the dove maybe crossed(spent) by them even agonies or the same doubts as me during its journey of gratitude(recognition).

To return to the balance of the humanity, one can say that from the point of view of the technological evolution, it(he) is extraordinary and packing, but on the human plan, it(he) is despicable of The one that had grown check to free us. The dominion of some on the others always existed probably but the invention of the wheel, the symbol of the technology, there are six thousands years, were maybe the beginning of the release(extension) of the ditch among the dominant and the dominated and the succession(advent) of the competition, that is that those that had the means to buy itself this invention to apply him(it) to their needs became more successful with regard to the others. It's the same for many inventions who being good quite there can also serve as means to dominate the others. There are also the useless inventions which impoverish and the harmful inventions.

The technology so developed and took so importance that in the thirties, its founders had invented a slogan which said: " The science investigates, the technology executes, the man adapts himself ". With the globalization of markets, everything takes place as if this slogan was in fact a prediction, because it seems although it would be necessary to resign to adapt itself in anything. The problem it is that for 800 million human beings, they will never manage to adapt themselves because I have never seen somebody adapting itself to a regime of famine. And say that technically, there is no obstacle to the development of the poor populations, because the obstacles are in mind of the human beings.

How to adapt itself to disparities of incomes as surprising as those where a speculator gains(wins) a billion in the day in operations at the stock exchange(scholarship)? Also, how the humanity came to find normal a 216,000$ salary by second for a boxer who had delivered a fight of one and a half minute, some years ago... And this based on two criteria which seem to me very debatable, to my opinion, namely, the résitance of its cranium in the blows of fist and its capacity to be more fast struck and stronger? How to adapt itself to the degradation of the environment, to the global warming, to the inhuman conditions of employment and to the idleness of the youth which leads(drives) them to the suicide or to the drug? How to adapt itself finally, in the overexploitation of natural resources depriving the generations to come? To use(employ) a well known expression we to, " if the tendency remains " it will be the hell for a majority of persons during the next century.


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