If you are an owner of a company, whatever is the size of it or if you are a politician under the orders of those that believe that the full employment is impossible or not desirable, I am anxious to say you that I am parfairement all right. Moreover, I hinted there higher by telling you the experience(experiment) a witness of which I was in a situation equivalent to the full employment. So, I do not believe that the full employment am desirable but doubles him(it,her) full employment, yes. I would say as the part(party) concerning the full employment of the brains of each from the employees is as necessary as the second wing. One of the purposes of < the Operation doubles full employment > is exactly to rest(pose) a wing in this plane by introducing into the job creation program based on the reduced working week, the notion of productivity. It is a question simply of adding it an incentive to set up a regime of profit-sharing of the employees in the results of the company in the form of tax credits or otherwise. I owe suggest strongly the formula of the capitalist - socialist cell for all the already mentioned reasons.

I suggest a muscular program of job creation which would act as a battery(drum kit) in an automobile. When the formula is on the march, the regime of profit-sharing in the productivity should maintain the working time at the level initially established by the program. The participations of the different speakers who take advantage of the reduction of the unemployment would decrease gradually over a period of five years. However, for the companies which will have difficulties of adaptation but which are capable of demonstrating that they can reach could there take advantage of a second luck(chance). This measure would be necessary in the cases of outside difficult economic causes, the sector of activity or periods of recession.

In Canada, the program could look like what follows: The criteria < of eligibility > would be reduced to their simpler expression, that is that the companies which agree to take advantage of it should prove that they will create a percentage of employments(uses) superior to the unemployment rate and that they intend to establish a regime of profit-sharing of the employees in the results of the company susceptible to be self-financed for a period of five years. This minimum of criteria and their light should make the cost of administration very low in all the levels (study of eligibility, control etc.).

The speakers could be the governments federal and provincial, companies, employees, the Solidarity fund of the FTQ, Fondaction de la CSN or the other bodies which would take advantage of the decline of the unemployment rate and the increase of the competitive capacity of companies. The participation of the federal government would be under the shape of the total exemption of the contributions for the assurance - employment (part of the employer and part of the employees) as well as a tax credit enough raised(brought up) for every created employment(use) so that companies are interested to increase the number of employments(uses) in spite of the superior costs because of the marginal profits, the costs of forming(training) and the increase of the risks at the level of occupational accidents. In this add tax exemptions to encourage the regime of profit-sharing of the employees to the results of the company.

The contribution of the provincial government should equal that of the federal by means of its choice because according to Okun's law in 1981, an unemployed person would have cost 66,237$. The same study demonstrated that it(he) would have cost 44,633$ of it to create an employment(use) within the framework of public investments but that it would be possible to decrease these costs when there is no material to be bought (materials, estimate etc.). The reduced working week pulls(entails) no investment. On the contrary, in many cases, she(it) would increase the time of use of the investments.

In Quebec, we have the Solidarity fund and Fondaction who would have interest to contribute for an equivalent sum at one o'clock a week by employee because a part(party) of their investment would return to the safes(chests) of the power plants which has them births because of the increase of the trade-union contributions. These two capital were created specially to protect or create employments(uses) and encourage even the employees to invest(surround) in the companies which use(employ) them. Furthermore, we shall see farther that a special program could be created in seen to incite strongly the employees to contribute at most in their collection(fund).

Companies should grant to contribute for one hour a week because of the increase of the productivity which should follow and from the decrease of the (social) indirect costs which are connected with the unemployment.

The employees would contribute for an equivalent value in reduction of the time of holidays because the whole program should reduce the workweek at thirty o'clock, making more bearable this concession.

The modalities of decrease of the rates should be ordered so as to maintain a certain pressure on the regime of profit-sharing to discourage nor make dependent the companies which will have taken the risk to change the engine of the balance of power among employers and employees for that working in the creative and cooperative energy.

To give a second push to this regime, I suggest to reinvest the sums which would have dûes to be normally reduced by the total contribution of the speakers in another program. This would act as the second stages of a rocket. The purpose being always to favor the acceleration. Let us suppose that one would have foreseen a decrease of the rates of the speakers of 20 % a year over a period of five years, the value of this decrease would be used(employed) on a new program to encourage the employees to contribute in regimes of pension ( REER). This would correct what appears to me a weakness < not to say an injustice > in these regimes which favor the rich at the cost of the poor men. According to an inquiry, held in 1996, only 31 % of the persons in Canada pay the contribution in these regimes for an amount which represents 14 % of the total licence, that is if all the acceptable persons contributed at most. I think that by taking into account that the persons with low incomes and same those receiving an average wage have no (means) to contribute, it is easy to deduct from it that it is the rich which take advantage of these regimes. Not only they take advantage of it, but they make(do) him(it) at the cost of the weakest, because these last ones pay more taxes and because attended social or unemployed persons are cut, so that the rich maintain their privileges.

I suggest so to give a second use to these sums by offering them to all those which(who) contribute at most in REER. In passing, I would like to underline the impact which it could have on the future pensioners and on the rebound on the employment(use) and the solidarity. As I have already mentioned him(it), in Quebec we have the Solidarity fund of the FTQ and Fondaction de la CSN, who are bodies aiming at creating employments(uses) but who are, in my humble opinion, sub-used and maybe even badly used. That is that I often saw investments made(done) with the aim of making raise(find) lame ducks > what boils with it of line establish(constitute) an unfair competition because these investments are made(done) straight from tax reductions. A better use of these capital would be to reduce the working time what would take advantage in all. I believe that these capital do not exist somewhere else but I imagine that if all the governments or countries realize their utility, they will have the taste to create it of fellow men.

So, by allowing a second use the rates of the speakers as incentive to invest(surround) at most in the REER we can consider that the contribution allowed by 7,200$ < 18 % > of the annual salary estimated(esteemed) at 40,000$ would cost really that 3,075$ because an 3,500$ amount to the Solidarity fund is acceptable to a tax credit of 75 % and that rest <3,700$> is him(her,it) in 40 %. A first impact, would occur further to the fact that there would be probably much more employees who would be interested to retire anticipated. This would become so a source of employments(uses) and would allow to establish(constitute) volunteers' regiment. A second impact would come from the fact that the vertiginous increase of entrances(entries) of money(silver) to these capital would become the main source of financial interventions with the aim of reducing the working time without reduction of salary. So, the unemployment being attacked(affected) on all the foreheads(fronts), all the hopes are allowed so that one comes there to a definitive victory on this plague of modern times. At this moment, the contributions in the assurance - employment will be at any practical end disappeared and the social prosperity will be only paid(poured) to persons unfit for work. The only challenge which will remain to recover in us will be to cross(exceed) the barrier phychologique of 4 % of the unemployment rate supposément necessary to contain the inflation. Indeed, even Mister A.-M . Okun who was nevertheless a defender of the full employment judged that it was dangerous to cross(exceed) her(it) because one risked to meet the monster of the inflation. I am convinced that if the dominant entity and the dominated entity unite, they will manage to bring down this monster as they will have made(done) him(it) for the unemployment.

There is already at least a country to the world which made a success of the full employment while remaining competitive and by controlling the inflation. It is about Singapore, a small country of 618 Km2 with 3.7 million inhabitants < about 6,000 in Km2 >. Party of a situation of poverty absolved in 1965 it(he) took place in second place in Asia on the economic plan and in second also for the income per capita among the main industrial nations. All the soci-economic indications are the best. The unemployment rate is almost nobody < 1.8 % > and the inflation of 2 % in spite of a nominal increase of the average wages of 5.7 %. The domestic saving is 51.2 % of the GDP. It seems that 40 % of salaries go to the equal taken aside saving among the employees and the companies and that she(it) is almost compulsory. The budget of the country is in surplus and they have reserves of 73 billions < increase of 10 % from 1996 till 1997 >.

It is difficult to believe these statistics when one knows that the main source of incomes of this country was already the culture of the poppy and that 20 % of the population smoked some opium. At the end of the sixties, the first task of the government was to set fire in the part(party) most malfamée of Singapore < tripots and opium dens >. This turnover is due to the implementation of a governmental device endowed with a good program doubled by a will of transparency and tried and tested integrity. Furthermore, according to former(ancient) Secretary of Commerce and of the Business of Quebec which had gone(surrendered) over there, this country practises the (meritocracy). By virtue of this principle, one grants(tunes) responsibilities and power only to those that deserve him(it). There is no place for the incompetence and the ineffectiveness. To notice that the capitalist - socialist cell, without going as far as excluding the least productive, sees to it that those that are at feet of the triangle are all the same less favored in power and in incomes.

In spite of a dense population and a very big harbour and economic activity, the city of Singapore is the most appropriate(clean) for the world. It's the same of the beaches. If this country managed to tranformer a situation rotted at so not enough time, it should have to give us the taste and the courage to begin a transformation so spectacular at the level of the planet. The problem is bigger but the means to resolve him(it) are proportional and even in a sense superiors. Indeed, we have now a global neuronal system in forming(training) and the transformation to be made(done) is at the level of the awareness at first, of the decision-taking then and finally the execution. All this is connected with the intelligence and it is necessary to remember itself that the intelligence is exponential.

To summarize as regards this country, if the leaders succeeded in 1997 in: reach(affect) a growth of 7.8 % by comparison with 2.3 % for France; reach(affect) also a GDP per capita of 25,800$ (USA) by comparison with 24,000$ for France; increase the productivity of 1.6 % and maintain the inflation in 2 %; increase the salaries of 5.7 %; make a success of the full employment (1.8 %) so much that it(he) looks for means to attract(entice) the manpower; have a foreign debt of zero and the reserves of 72.6 billions (USA); manage of the tour de force to make save(spare) the households(houseworks) for 51.2 % of their income. For all these considerations and by taking into account their little glorious past or still that it(he) seems not to have many natural resources, I believe that they proved that the impossible becomes possible in certain conditions.


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