I have already mentioned that the capitalist - socialist cell had the characteristics at the same moment of a human cell and a rocket. It(he) me apparaîssait the main part to create a link or a tool between the improvement of the individual and the improvement of the community. I have already heard that it would be necessary to change the structures of the community so that the improvement of the individual is made. The others claimed that it would rather be necessary to change the individual to improve the community. I chose an intermediate position, that is to create any details(rooms) a cell consisted of a variable number of individuals (in the dimension of a workroom) to make(do) a microcosm of it or a sample of the humanity. In fact, I wonder if it would not get closer to the practical application at the level of the cell - tree stump, of the science which is called the forward-looking. It is about a science which has for object the study of the technical, scientific, economic and social causes which accèlèrent the evolution of the modern world and the forecast of the situations which could ensue from their combined influences.

The forming(training) of this cell requires(demands), naturally a will of two relatives(parents) to unite. In this case, we identified the capitalist entity and the socialist entity as possible relatives(parents). Among the millions of capitalist (sperm cells) which are susceptible to be made sensitive in the fact that he should there have a fusion with the ovule > socialist, it will be necessary that there is it of the tempering of Mister Soros which takes the head of the current. I should admit that having acquainted with mister Soros's philosophy, if I was < the ovule > socialist, I would wish that it is he who joins me. Moreover, I intend to invite him(it) to visit my site to see if our points of view are compatible. If my point of view is valid and that if it is interested in it, the continuation(suite) would be very promising because the higher article, mentions exactly that < when it makes(does) a financial transaction, the others follow him(it), where from the big power >.

Supposing that we came there to this stage(stadium) of profit-sharing, the will of the capitalist entity would follow the same canal of the power (ministerial solidarity, line of party) and a muscular program of job creation based on the reduced working week matched by tax credits on a formula of profit-sharing of the employees with the results of the company would become reality. From there, everything would be in place so that the capitalist - socialist cell - tree stump forms. It is there about a part(party) of the means or the plan which I chose to change the world, that is that it is the community which sets up a climate favorable to the improvement of the individual. This amounts to the first stage of which Teilhard de Chardin recommended, < addition of every operation with regard to the individual >.

The part(party) of the means or the plan which I chose so that every individual agrees to change his behavior so that the whole community is improved is inevitably a little more complicated. The trick(thing), it is to set up the formula which sees to it that every individual feels invited, encouraged, or incited to give the best of himself for the promotion of the criteria which would take advantage in all the others and in himself(itself), naturally, because all the others would make(do) also for him. It is there about the dream which expresses Teilhard de Chardin < The human energy > expresses in its book. " Let us imagine Earth where the human beings would be above all (and even in a sense, only) interested to realize their global entry in an universal fervently wished being, among whom(which,what) each would recognize, in what there is from more incommunicable to his(its,her) fellow man, a living being participation. In such a world the constraint would become useless to maintain the individuals in the order the most favorable to the action, to direct them within a free-market economy, towards better combinations(overalls) ". One is very far from the theory X where the individuals should be convinced, threatened, punished, forced or controlled. And nevertheless it is what returns possible fact of being a part of a capitalist - socialist cell. It is there about the second stage foreseen by Teilhard de Chardin in the last phase of the evolution < Addition of the individual with regard to himself(itself) >. It is so the combination(overall) of these two stages (community in favour of the individual and the individual in favour of the set(group)) that will give concrete expression to the third stage < Addition of the individuals in the human collective >.

In the practice, the plan should facilitate the understanding of it. The big triangle represents all the members of a workroom at the time of a decision-making assembly on a project or an important subject. Every small triangle represents a member in the position which it occupies according to its merit at the time of this assembly. Position which is based on a scale(ladder) of points that it(he) deserved by its(his) contribution to a certain number of concerning criteria or the productivity or is the quality of life. I do not believe that it is necessary to know it but to know the height of the triangle and consequently its number of degrees, it is a question simply of extracting the square root of the total of members. For example, the plan indicates that there are twelve degrees because there are 144 members.

To incite members to work on both aspects, productivity and quality of life, the position of the member will be always based on all the points for the lowest aspect. The position of the member determines the number of voices(votes) to which it has the right in a decision-making assembly and a number of transformables parts in reduced working week. The way of proceeding to know how and when the member can take advantage of this reduced working week is to study. For example, in the plan which is made(done) for 144 members, the member situated in the superior point has the right to twelve votes and to twelve parts in a possible distribution of profits. Those of the sixth level, six votes and six parts and those of the bottom, a vote and a part each.

In the case of a distribution of profits, ensuing from savings on production costs, ensuing themselves from suggestions of members, transformable in reduced working week, she(it) would be made at two times. On this base of calculation to determine the level to be able to and the reward of the efforts of each it gives a total of 650 votes or parts to be distributed to all the members. Let us suppose that an 195,000$ amount (this amount adjusted for the needs of the calculation) would be to distribute. At first, this amount will be separated in three, that is that a third(third party) stays in the company, the third(third party) to be distributed according to the position of members at this moment and a third(third party) for the creation of a joint collection(fund), begun and used(employed). This collection(fund) would serve for financing classes(courses) concerning each of the criteria. In this way all the savings which would ensue from the increase of the productivity would be shared on a base of 50/50. Personally, I believe that a company should accept this classification if she wants to be taken seriously. Furthermore, all the suggestions of an employee should be estimated by a committee consisted of members of both parts(parties). The inventor, should receive a premium of 10 % before distribution in three. If the invention is applied in the other units of management of the company, savings will return to the initiators. Finally, given that the brought improvement will have consequences(fall-out) on an indefinite number of years, it will be necessary to take into account it in the evaluation.

In a second time, the 65,000$ which stay in members would be distributed in 650 parts is 100$ each. What makes(does) that the one that is at the top of the triangle would receive 12 times 100$ and those of the base 100$ each. On a base of the 15$ / hour, the transformation in reduced working week would look 80 hours to the first one and about 7 hours in those of the base.

This fusion of the capitalist interests and the social apirations will produce the cell - tree stump of a mutant of future at the middle - capitalist, at the middle - socialist whose new philosophy will make reign the justice, the solidarity and the concern to assure(insure) a durable development. The time which it will be necessary before this human being in the new spirit replaces the former(ancient) is conditional in the interest which we shall carry(wear) in the reproduction of cells. I say indeed the interest because for the directions for use given that we have the model, there should be no problem. Indeed, for the human cell as soon as the fusion is completed begins a process of cellular division. Every new cell contains one piece of the primary cell (cell - tree stump). A first coat(layer) of cells forms the brain, the backbone, the gristle. A second coat(layer), main organs and a third, skeleton, heart and muscles. It is then that of the stage(stadium) of embryo that it(he) was, it(he) passes in that of the foeti to continue its(his) growth until the birth.

Being compared with the human cell, the big triangle represents all the members ( small triangle) with their characteristics: gifts(donations), talents, fitnesses, what amounts to the genes of the cell. All these gifts(donations), talents and fitnesses as the genes, concentrate in the 23 criteria which represent the 23 pairs of chromosomes of the human being. The fusion of the completed capitalist - socialist cell, the process of certified true copies should occur in all the units of management of a big company. As in the human cell, in every forming(training) of a new cell a piece of the cell - tree stump would be included under the shape of the delegate which occupies the top of the big triangle to symbolize that it is the best elements of every cell that collects for decisions which concerns a set of units of management. One proceeds also every time a level of cell overlaps as it takes place in the superimposing of the coats(layers) of human cells.

Even if many road would be crossed(gone through) at this moment, that is when several economic sectors of a country would be connected by these groupings and superimposing cells, this period or stage would correspond only to the embryonic stage(stadium). But the passage of the state of foetus in the birth should be made rather quickly because of the impossibility for the other companies of the same type compete with an economy which will have chosen to use(employ) the engine creation / cooperation. They should owe so, either to be allowed acquire, or join or adopt this new engine. About is the means of it, the change of the spirit of the man will be made for the good of all. The resemblances with a rocket consists essentially in its shape, the energy assuring(insuring) its drive, the system of guides, the power of acceleration and its capacity to release itself from the Earth' attraction.

We find so all the members in the big triangle with the same qualities, the gifts(donations), the talents or authorized which represent all the sophisticated aspect of the rocket, system of guides and communication with its integrated circuits and the thousand transistors. More low is the combustion chamber and its fuel. The energy would result from the reaction which would produce on the neurones of members, all which motivates (money(silver), power, reduced working week etc.) This reaction would incite members to perfect their knowledge, to develop their talents or fitnesses.

This shape of energy would be the one that had wished to see Albert Einstein. Indeed, having realized that the famous equation E=Mc2 had led(driven) to the invention of the atom bomb, he had proposed to escape a possible nuclear conflict, to set against the chain reaction of the neutrons, the chain reaction of the lucidity, so neurones. As the nuclear fusion, this energy is inexhaustible because it appeals to the intelligence and because the intelligence is exponential. As you know him(it) doubtless, it is about a big word which means that once engaged and subjected to certain conditions the progress (population growth) becomes impossible to estimate unless knowing the result of it beforehand. For example, if it was possible to fold a simple paper fifty times on herself(itself) the pile so obtained would reach(affect) a height equivalent to the distance of our planet in the planet in March.

The motivateurs agents of the capitalism registered on the centre having acted on the talents of members produce a push downward in passing necessarily by the 23 criteria (milked vertical). This has as result to raise(bring up) the whole capitalist - socialist cell towards summits of productivity and growth of all the human aspects of each of the members. Dépendamment of the quality and the quantity of rewarding energy and the sensible choice of the criteria, the cell will become the agent of change of the human being or the mutant of future. This constant improvement of the human being would allow us symbolically to release myself from the Earth' attraction, taking away us current useless or harmful objectives of dominion, production and by raising(bringing up) us towards the others more noble being able to satisfy the human aspiration. And if one wants indeed to give him(her) a spiritual dimension, by following the line of thought of Teilhard de Chardin to give itself the objective to collect all the human beings towards a common point of interest what should be the biggest desire of The one that created the world, that is the idea of it that one is made of Him. How long will it be necessary so that the humanity is contained or represented in a single rocket <inhabited> or <steered> by the persons or members which will have been the most deserving of the planet by having crossing(exceeding) the dozen levels or the superimposing coats(layers) of socialist capitalist cells? According to Mister Albert Jacquard, would be needed a generation to transform the engine fed with energy by the competition in that of the creation / cooperation.

If he is right, this would mean that we would have a world government consisted of elites in all the domains instead of elected members by more or less democratic means. Obviously, it appears a very short schedule of due dates, but I would love you rappeller two points of major importance. The first one, it is that one can consider, that after the long brooding of the catoblépas which lasts since the human beings developed the taste to control itself some the others, its hatching would have lasted twenty years and it(he) would have appeared under the shape of the globalization of markets. As a consequence, why do not to believe that something which(who) would have rather to give the taste of entr' to help some the others and which(who) would have been brooded(hatched) during the same time, would not set also twenty years to hatch and work to humanize or to socialize the other part(party) of ourselves. The second point, it is that I remain convinced to have experimented and to have been a witness that the impossible becomes possible in the cases where one carries out an action by believing that it is good for us and maid for all the others. That it occurs also when one makes(does) something in favour of the weakest. Then, when you will have experimented him(it) yourself in a situation which seems to you impossible, you should have the taste to believe that it could occur at a bigger level.

If in about twenty years, we are made it to the stage where the world will be represented by some delegates' hundreds which will have all crossed the coats(layers) of capitalist - socialist cells and which will be gathered(reunited) inside a virtual rocket, it is that we shall have realized the dream of those that regretted the pyramidal power. By making(doing) reference to the army, Albert Einstein emptied the heart by declaring < If somebody can with pleasure walk(work) derrrière a music, I him(it,her) am mistaken, because it is only by mistake that it received a brain, because the moëlle épinière is enough for him(her) completely >. When one thinks that in Canada, we have a government elected mainly with 38 % of the votes and that this government is taken in the double yoke of the ministerial solidarity and the line of party, one can not expect bills which go to the general interest. Here is it that thought of it Voltaire in 1734. ' We have no right to be useless. Our passage on earth(ground) should be useful for the others. The cause of the progress is between our hands, without laziness but without too much ambition ". It(he) distinguishes two categories of men(people). ' An international thinking elite which has a role to be played in the development of the civilization and the mass which does not think and which is easily manipulable. It does not mean that it is necessary to give up lighting(enlightening) him(it) but in the current state of things, it would be absurd to want that the still ignorant masses become ruling... ".

For J.-J. Rousseau, contrary to Voltaire who looked the past, him, it(he) looked at the future and built the future town. He believed that " Everything is very outgoing hands of the Author of things, that everything comes from the company(society). That the more the civilization progresses, the more the depravation, more the disparities become scandalous. One can simply try to improve the social state by moving closer to the nature to the condition of people civilized in choississant of the political units smaller than the big existing States. Each could participate then actively in the community life in the respect for the interests of others ". These comments held in 1762 demonstrate well that even by being convinced that it would be necessary that every human being has the right to glance on the administration of the planet according to his capacities or his talents, he could only notice the impossibility to make(do) him(it) at this moment, because, as Voltaire he could imagine only two centuries later the communications would allow to form a neuronal system on the scale of the planet (internet). This would see to it that every human being authorized to vote, could exercise his right to vote in each of the basic cells then to exercise his influence through the superimposing of triangles by the votes of those that are in the top at the time of a vote. The number of delegates involved in a vote being always proportional in the area of the region concerned by the decision to set.


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