Mister Albert believes that competitiveness can rhyme with solidarity. According to an article of the Business Week, the quarter of the workforce of the United States produces nothing because she(it) is used(employed) to correct the errors produced by the rest of the employees. These figures show in which point a deficient(weak) productivity can be expensive for a company. A Swedish plant manager whom a guest asked: " How many persons work here? " Had this answer " Hardly half ". Some years ago, a study demonstrated that in Quebec the invoice of the non-quality amounted to 15 billions annually. In 1962, I had read an article in Selection of Reader' d digest which had so impressed me that it(he) maintained me motivated for 36 years to promote its(his) contents. It(he) had for title: < A factory where everybody is associated > I could say that if the capitalist - socialist cell becomes a reality, she should owe the (life) to those that experimented this cooperation between workers and managers for 47 years. I added simply the dimension reduced working week connected with the augmention of the productivity, increased the number of criteria and widened them in the social dimension for the evaluation of the return on the employees. I hope that at least a boss by sector of production will be interested in this formula, because I believe that it would be sufficient(self-important) to pull(entail) the others in the transformation of the engine of balance of power among bosses and syndicates by that of the creation / cooperation. Of any manners, I invite you to visit the site < http://www.lincolnelectric.com > of this company which was and which maybe still the biggest manufacturer of material of arc welding to the world. In this article, one mentions that it is about an unique company because every worker has a self-interest what profits are highest possible. One considers that 60 % of the employees of this company(society) have incomes resulting from investments made(done) with their savings. This cooperation between workers and managers sees to it that the employees and the direction(management) act of concert to lower production costs and realize savings that they are divided. This system manages to double and even to quadruple the production. This company was one of the first to contract at its expenses of the life insurance of all the staff in 1914. She(it) established also a program in which a worker having made(done) a suggestion concerning the reduction in production costs received a substantial premium. A bonus of the end of year was given on the basis of the increase of the production which reached(affected) 80 to 100 % of the total of salaries for several years at this moment and this even if the average of the salaries of the factory was more of double(copy) of that of the average dress rehearsal of the American industry. One mentions that it would be necessary that each becomes capitalist or at least that one allows him(her) to remove its part of the advantages resulting from a creative and effective work. And I, I add that it would be necessary that the employers become socialist. The example of the engineer Lincoln which set up this cooperation between workers and managers showed that it is possible.


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