As I mentioned him(it) at the beginning, " the Operation doubles full employment " will have as result to change the engine of the competition by that of the creation / cooperation. This "engine" should have the capacity to make "roll("run,"drive") the solidarity in all the continents and in all the sectors of the human activity. It seems to me important to make(do) the distinction between these two types of engines. I do not claim to be an expert in the material(subject) but here is where I believe to see fundamental differences. The engine with competition is in fact the wild capitalism which is a degenerate version of what it was probably already and of what he could become. Mister Albert Jacquard, geneticist and philosopher uses an anecdote to illustrate the difference between an economy based on the balance of power and the other one based on the cooperation. < Two persons meet who have each an apple. The logic of the wild capitalism, it is that strongest(most hardly) the other one on the mouth taps and leaves(restarts) with two apples. But if two persons who have an idea meet and are capable of discussing, the logic wants that each leaves with two ideas. The ideas multiply when they are shared >.

The capitalism can have a human face when it is not in competition. The following example demonstrates him(it) well. It is about a small village situated at feet of a mountain on which there is a source. Every inhabitant of the village should set one hour of his(its,her) time a day to transport the water which is necessary for its family. A day, somebody who had the creative spirit offered to build a system of wooden paving stones which would allow the water to go down(fall) in the village. In exchange, he asked that every inhabitant of the village looks to him(her) five minutes a day for his personal works. Each finding there the account because they saved 55 minutes a day, the market was concluded to the advantage of all. This kind(genre) of capitalism is desirable because it incites to have new ideas to offer a product or an useful service by respecting a concept of winner - winner.

There is degeneracy of the capitalism when the purpose is only to make money. It is then that it(he) invents products or useless services (gadgets) and it is then that it(he) managed to sell them by the advertisement where the customer considers obliged to buy him(it) because the neighbours got them. Signs of degeneracy are even more visible when it is about harmful products for the human beings or the environment. This kind(genre) of capitalism, plunders or wastes natural resources, pollutes, often puts his(her) employees in danger or for their life or their health. It is this kind(genre) of capitalism also that maintains an unemployment rate artificially high, which obliges to make work a group of persons more and more fast and much longer so that they have no time to think whereas another group misses doing nothing or to vegetate.

Mister Michel Albert in an entitled book: < Capitalism against capitalism > compares two models of capitalism: the model <neo-American> was based on the individual success, the short-term financial profit and their mediatization. I believe that it is about the catoblépas of the Antiquity or still the capitalism of the cicadas which live every day. There is also a (Rhenish) model which is practised in certain countries of Europe and with variants in Japan. This model values the collective success, the consensus, the concern of long term. The first model is more attractive, the second is more successful. It would be the capitalism of the ants that, today prepare tomorrow. Our future depends on the model which we shall choose. Already, in 1991 , he said that it is the affair(business) of each of us. For each of us, tomorrow decides today and that if we have no lucidity to unite to choose our future, it is that we shall have lost the capacity of it. Let us wish that it(he) made a mistake about some years and that it(he) is so even time in 1999.


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