As mentioned higher " the Operation doubles full employment " has two very precise purposes. The first one is the full employment of the persons in the sense(direction) that each should have an employment(use) being convenient for its capacities and for the aspiration. For that purpose, it is necessary that the employers abandon the plan consisting in maintaining an unemployment rate artificially raised(brought up) which ensues from the theory X which supposes that the employees should be threatened, punished, forced, controlled, because these means will never manage to make take out the ideas which the worker could have to increase the production. The example supplied by the article < A factory where everybody is associated > demonstrates that the theory Y is superior because it placed this company in the first row(rank) in the world. For 47 years, she should cross periods equivalent to the full employment and nevertheless the rate of movement of workforce was very lower than 1 % with regard to 3.3 % for all the factories of the United States and the productivity improved constantly to the full employment.

Supposing that the natural resistance of the employers disappears and supposing that it gives rather way to an opening on the full employment, I imagine that they would use the same canal of the power which they used to fight(dispute) him(it). As a consequence, given that the wish to see appearing the solidarity to fight(dispute) the unemployment and the poverty addresses especially the dominant entity, given that it is economic, politics(policy), social class, race or the domain of the faiths, what is going to follow is certainly going to seem to be sent to him(her). What does not prevent, naturally, the entity dominated to acquaint with it to estimate the content of it and so to express their discord or their appreciation, if necessary. So unpretentious or without making(doing) me of illusion, I think that it is possible that personalities also acquaint with it. I apologize so in advance for using(employing) the use of the familiar 'tu'. It is simply due to the fact which I am anxious to keep(preserve) the image of a dove bringing a sign that the peace is possible between your two entities and that this sign is for each of you. Here is so it that can expect the dominant entity in advantages or in direct or indirect consequences(fall-out) further to the decrease of the unemployment.

To do it, I would first of all like to give you the opinion of several experts or "consultants" onto the unemployment. The problems which he can cause and of tracks of solution. I begin with < Albert Einstein.. >

Teilhard of Chardin did not see negatively the fact that machines replace the human beings. Without speaking explicitly about the division(sharing) of working time for the total production of consumer goods necessary for the existence, I think that it(he) hinted at it in an extract pulled(fired) by its(his) book: " The future of the man " which I copy in its entirety. < What, really unchained(gave rise to) and for ever, Hatches her(it) in the World, it is that quite at the same moment, it facilitates and multiplies infinitely our action. On one hand, thanks to her(its) prodigious automatisms, she(it) frees(clears) us of a crushing weight of physical and mental work. And, on the other hand , thanks to the magnificent increasing which she(it) brings to our senses(directions), in swelling, in penetration and in precision, she(it) increases constantly the beam(shelf) and the efficiency of our perceptions. - Satisfaction given simultaneously to our double innate tendency towards a maximum of consciousness by a minimum of effort: just the essential dream of every human being!... How in a direction(management) so favorable, a human advance, begun time, would she(it) never stop(arrest)? >

Closer of us, Mister Benoît Marquis, engineer and expert in economy, in his entitled book: " Definitive Victoire on the unemployment ", suggests us reducing the working time to decrease the unemployment rather than trying to increase the consumption to create employments(uses). I understand the reasoning if one admits the extract following by its book: < The day is not so far where the production capacity will be such as in theory people would even have no time to consume and to use all the products and all the available services or would consume in such a speed(look) as they could put in the rancart so products, as more fashionable products will appear, as one will not know how to find enough places to have it. Their production could pull(entail) dreadful problems of pollution. But well before that such a day comes, there will be so unemployed persons, that only the hard-working minority can buy themselves the wealth generated by the technology. > Somewhere else, it(he) mentions that in a little more than a century, one reduced the time of a task from 480 minutes till 15 seconds. But these 15 seconds can be reduced in almost nothing, even more easily that 2 minutes were reduced to 15 seconds.

I think as well that(as) the division(sharing) of working time becomes desirable and even necessary from the moment one considers obliged to invent or simply to maintain means to increase the consumption. When one is made it there, that looks like the entitled novel " 1984 " a lot where a power as invisible as the globalization of markets had imagined a plan to hold busy people. Indeed, it(he) maintained a situation of permanent war to destroy(annul) the production of the employees. It(he) had chosen this means because if it(he) had made for them dig holes to fill(perform) them then it would have awaken their attention on their real intention.

Mister Marquis suggests to compare our economy of production with a length travels on a galley(bad adventure). I indicate that it(he) chose exactly an example or the work of the rowers can be considered as useful.

This example which appears to me of a childish simplicity does not seem to have been understood(included) or accepted by the dominant entity because the federal budget in Canada dedicates only 0.004 % of the total spending(expenditure) of the assurance employment(use). It's as if one tried to make start an automobile ave a pile of watch. Nevertheless, in Holland they had extraordinary results by reducing the working time, not only at the level of the job creation but also at the level of the tax reduction and of the national debt.

It(he) is to notice that these last two items have a direct influence on the profits of companies. In Germany I believe, some companies decreased the working time, and it seems that there was increase of the productivity and the dominion of production costs. Finally, a study supposément serious, because it was made(done) by two economists of Quebec but based on Okun's law demonstrated that in 1981 an unemployed person cost 66,000$ a year to the community. It(he) is more than likely that in 1999 this amount should be revisé in the increase. In his book Mr Marquis brushes us a picture(table) comparing a governmental budget based on a situation of full employment and the other one with a raised(brought up) unemployment rate which leaves no doubt on the superiority of the first one.

I imagine that the dominant entity knows perfectly about all these facts. That is why my conviction is for the effect which the employers believe that it is impossible to obtain a maximal productivity of their employees without basing itself on the theory X. To repeat me, all my step(method) aims to prove you the opposite.


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