I have just crossed(spent) several hours "to visit" the site of Mister Georges Soros, billionaire and American philanthropist. An article appeared in Selection of the Reader Reader Digest of February, 1996 had already awakened me in the idea that, quite as the engineer James F. Lincoln of the Lincoln Electric Co ., he should be a "half-blood" capitalist - socialist but this "visit" convinced me. I wonder even if the socialist side do not get the upper hand by moment. It is at least, what seems to blame him(her) for certain defenders of the capitalist world. I do not really understand how how happens that a billionaire, having been(affected) the age old of the pension can still have the taste and especially the hope to save the world.

The only explanation, it(he) seems to me, it is that it(he) is a part of rare capitalist representatives who believe that the entity of which they are a part depends on the survival of the socialist entity. It(he) would be so in the position of the sperm cell which <knows(how to>) that he should join the ovule if he wants a continuance. Moreover, it is what it(he) seems to want to express when it(he) addresses the media and in its(his) books(pounds). I made translate some passages of newspaper articles, which(who) I hope for it, besides the article < The billionaire philanthropist > will give you the occasion to make(do) your own evaluation of this type which certainly appears to me to go out of the common. So, I invite you to visit the site. You should be impressed as much as me.

One mentions that Mister Soros has a lot of influence in the business world. It(he) is very respected and has some charisma. When it(he) makes(does) a financial transaction, the others follow him(it), where from the big power. That it(he) is well enough placed to write a book on the problems of the capitalism because of its(his) financial instinct. According to Mister Soros, the capitalism effronde. It is the time to rethink seriously the foundation of the capitalism. The faith that financial markets act as one clock is erroneous. At present, these markets act more as a ball to demolish, smashing an economy after the other one. Then, the crisis of the global economy marks the end of the capitalism? Is it the time to rethink rules(rulers)? If one listens To mister Soros, the answer is yes. It(he) has a lot of experience(experiment) on this subject and should know better than whoever. The evidences to support(bear) the theory are numerous: Asia, Japan, Russia underwent a financial or economic effrondement. The American stocks are volatile. And now, it is the Latin America which is in danger. Even if Mister Soros says that it is the time to rethink the rules(rulers) of the capitalism, the criticisms think rather that(than) it is he who holds complete savings in ransom. The others doubt these financial theories. They say that Mr Soros gained(won) important amounts but that also, there were lost a lot.

Ce Noé of modern times seems to be the only one to realize that the capitalism wild or left with himself(itself) acts exactly as the catoplébas of the Antiquity. In time, it(he) would have passed of the virtual state in the reality. Indeed, as him, it(he) kills the weaker savings. As he, it(he) surexploite natural resources to transform them into useless or harmful products. As he, it(he) kills the human intelligence by preventing the majority of the human beings from rising in the scale(ladder) of Maslow's needs. As he, it(he) wastes(destroys) feet by leaving the current youth in the despair and by destroying(annulling) its(his) environment. In summary, as the catoplébas, it is the symbol of the stupidity.

The numerous foundations which manages Mister Soros, represent for me, the Noah's Ark susceptible to save what he of better there in the human being. I would wish that it(he) does not forget the dove that I am so that < the announcement of the impossible which becomes possible > in the cases where one carries out an action which one considers good for us and for all the others or still, made(done) in favour of the weakest or dominated, propagates through all the financial and humanitarian activities. And so hundreds of capitalist - socialist cells will will been spread, ready of being coupled or of multiplying, making(doing) of the members of the socialists - capitalists and his(her) owners (companies) of the capitalists - socialists, constantly in pursuit of the best of themselves. The final result will be that the poverty will have been put outside fight on all the foreheads(fronts) and that the solidarity will bloom(prosper) in the dimension of the planet.


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