In any circumstances, when one becomes aware that we took a bad orientation, one has as not the choice to correct her(it). The big question is to know how. Teilhard of Chardin proposed a very plausible and very optimistic hypothesis of the human future. It happens there to the conclusion that the humanity goes to a centre of public interest by way of the following three stages: Addition of every operation with regard to the individual. Addition of the individual with regard to himself(itself). Addition finally individuals in the human collective. Every this "impossible" coming naturally true under the influence of the love. I indicate that all the continuation(suite) of my step(method) will rest(base) on our capacity to cross(exceed) these three stages. That is that if we manage to see to it that a "conception" is made at the level of a working environment(middle) (eg usine), we can say that a capitalist - socialist cell having the capacity to multiply through all the planet will be a part of the reality. In the facts, it is simply about the fusion of the capitalist interests (productivity and all which is connected with it) and social aspiration of a group of employees and citizens' community which surrounds him(it) as well as the protection of its environment. This cell - tree stump will already have all the complete genetic information scheduled(programmed) for the complete development of the humanity which we wish for the next century. Indeed, by the sensible choice of the criteria which will be registered on the cell - tree stump and on whom(which) every member or employee will have worked on the promotion, we shall have managed to highlight what he of better there in the human being to fight(dispute) what had led(driven) him(it) to the degeneracy from the point of view of the solidarity.

The conception of the cell will have been made possible because the first stage of which Teilhard de Chardin had foreseen, will have been crossed(exceeded), that is the addition of every operation with regard to the individual. This stage includes all which will have been made(done) by all the concerned speakers, the governments, the companies, the syndicates or the others to create a climate favorable to the conception. The interventions which requires(demands) this stage will be monetary rates or technical supports which are a part of a plan details of which will appear farther.

The second stage about which speaks Teilhard de Chardin is the logical result of the first because by being a part of a capitalist - socialist cell a member is placed in favorable conditions so that it reaches(affects) its full potential. Exactly, by being invited to advance the criteria, it(he) works automatically on himself(itself), what increases its chances to satisfy on the scale of Maslow's needs. Furthermore, one of the very important purposes of " the Operation doubles full employment " being to reduce the working time, he can widen his field of knowledge and exercise all his fitnesses. And so it(he) will cross(exceed) himself(itself) the stage of the addition of the individual with regard to himself(itself).

The third stage is too, the logical result of both first because the reproduction of the capitalist - socialist cells on the scale of the planet will make(do) that one day all the human beings will have reached(affected) their full potential collectively. This is symbolized by the plan of the human Tablecloth. To notice that I registered " the Year 2000 " as the beginning of the curve of link(coming together) of all the sectors of the human activity (economic, political, social or religious). I remind you that I hope that this curve will be transformed into a bend extremely squeezed(tightened) towards the centre because the evolution of the spirit, thanks to the very advanced communications which itself the world gave (radio, television, Internet, satellite) should be made with an effect of acceleration comparable to what these inventions produced in the common(current) life. It will be the first time in the history of the world that one stresses a curve, but I believe that it would be justifiable and even essential.

Teilhard added that all this "impossible" would naturally come true under the influence of the love. Given that I think that the universal love is little visible at present, I préfèrerais to replace the word "love" by solidarity. One of the purposes of my step(method) consists in making sensitive the biggest possible number of persons in the necessity of associating the globalization of markets to the globalization of the solidarity. It is that I am convinced that one can not cut, break nor even to neutralize the invisible hand which establishes(constitutes) the globalization of markets but at what one should rather aim at him(it) taming, at her(it) civilizing, at humanizing her(it), by interesting him(it) in the social aspect and by demonstrating him(her) that it will go out of it winning. This seems the opinion of one from the biggest gurus of the economy to the world Mister Jeffrey Sachs who says: " That unless the prosperity is shared, the world will be much less pleasant for our children than for us ". It is from there that comes the necessity to work all together on the régénérescence of the solidarity.


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