The galley, the boat activated by rowers, pulls a customer where fuss fishermen and other persons whose useful time is completely dedicated to prepare the meals and to return the other services to all the crew. One day, somebody suggests to the captain to change oars by oars more perfectionés requiring half fewer rowers.

Given that the other members of crew have no additional work to make make to the libéres rowers, these meet themselves in the customer and of this fact should be all the same fed and transported. Avironneurs is more productive certainly but the set(group) gained(won) nothing. Furthermore, the employees of the customer and the galley slaves rebel to have to feed and to convey the freed(released) rowers. On the other hand, the freed(released) rowers are deprived not to be able to make useful. Them some become crazy, of the other one patients, and finally the other delinquents.

A more interesting scenario would be to redistribute the work between all the members of the crew, so that all work less for a long time, and so that all have a little more spare time.

Let us pursue the comparison. In his(its,her) spare time, one of the rowers discovers that by big wind, its shield throws(casts) him(it) back, he supposes so that the wind could help the rowers, by hanging on(colliding) all the shields together, so as to créeer one more hypermarket(large surface) and by fixing them to a post raised(brought up) in the middle of the galley. When the wind allows it, the boat can so navigate without the help(assistant) of the rowers. The captain commands(orders) to these to help the other members of the expedition, so that each can have a little of spare time. This spare time, it is used to discuss, to study winds, to exchange ideas, to establish more fair rules(rulers), to suggest them to the captain and and so the expedition can make faster in destination with fewer accidents, less exhaustion, fewer diseases and more comfort and enjoyment(approval).

The galley represents the country, the members of the expedition are the employees of the country, the sophisticated oars and the classification of shields represents the increase of the rate of the productivity.

In the first scenario, the captain did not know how to take advantage of the increase of the productivity, and this productivity brought only misery and disillusionment.

In the second scenario, the captain knew how to use the increased productivity to improve the lot(fate) of all the crew and shorten the journey. Here is it that it is necessary to look for.


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