I believe that it would be dream in colours that to think that the solidarity will bloom(prosper) by itself. The capitalism, under its current shape, that is having as purpose unique(only) to make money by sacrificing everything, acts exactly as the catoblépas of the Antiquity. The Former(ancient) believed in the existence of this fantastic animal, the glance of which killed all those whom(that) it met. It was the symbol of the stupidity because it wasted(destroyed) paws without noticing it. The first stage to be crossed(exceeded) to favor the emergence of the solidarity would be so to make sensitive all the human beings, who caught this sort of disease that is the stupidity, in the dangers which they represent not only for the others but also for themselves. In the first place, the fact of killing all those whom(that) they meet will see to it that sooner or later they can not sell what they produce, for lack of customers. Secondly, the fact of wasting(destroying) feet without noticing it can make them much less successful and especially much less competitive. What means, what in average or long-term, it is their existence which is in danger.

Unless a divine intervention, I believe that it is only the present or potential victims of this monster, disguised as globalization of markets, that can again make sensitive them in the necessity of putting all its energies to go to meet what can assure(insure) its survival or its continuance, the globalization of the solidarity. My hope is for the effect that this entity will react to this awareness because it is established(constituted) by human beings and that the human being before his conception is already made sensitive in the necessity of uniting with what could nevertheless appear to him(her) his(her) opposite, if he wants to begin to exist, to grow and to reproduce. Exactly, it seems although the sperm cell knows that he should go to meet the ovule to assure(insure) the continuance of the life. From his part, the feminine element makes(does) its end of road because it seems very as well that(as) he knows that their survival depends on their capacity to unite. If the soldarité is so present at the very beginning, why not to hope for its régénérescence in the last phase of the evolution?

From the moment as for the sperm cell and the ovule, the capitalist entity and the socialist entity became aware that the survival of the one depends on the survival of the other one, it would be a question so of carrying out the actions which favor their meeting at the level of a basic element. It is exactly the purpose looked for in the forming(training) of a capitalist - socialist cell, My step(method) aims exactly to suggest you arguments which you could pass on to all your close relations or persons in position of authority: delegated, businessmen, union activists or persons who share your faith. If you are of another nationality than French, you can translate this document and pass on it on Internet or otherwise so that your family of origin or friends whom you should leave over there acquaints with it. The important, it is that the biggest possible number of persons being a part inevitably either of the capitalist entity or the socialist entity has the taste or the will to begin the process which will make them join on a concept of winner - winner and so make reappear the solidarity which exists at the beginning of any life (fertilization at the level of plants, animals or human beings).


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