As the dove of the Bible or the legend, I simply brought a sign of hope to all the humanity. The difference is situated at the level of the number of persons and the means. When Noé lives to arrive the dove, one can imagine that he would have him(her) is enough of some seconds for calling by their name some representatives of the humanity at this moment, < Sem, Cham, Japhet and some the others > for announcing him(her) the good short story(piece of news). Today, nobody would dare to begin such a task because he would need at least some hundreds of years to make(do) him(it). However, the technology gave us the faculty(power) to see an image, which has no reality, what one calls a virtual image. The image of the dove which flies constantly at the beginning of this site and which has the potential to make(do) him(it) in all the computers of the world does not exist in the reality. It's the same for this long parchment of about sixty pages.

And yet, the message which it contains can be given to any person who has a computer and which knows this site. Consequently, if I were well inspired by giving to this message as much importance, one would need that it as soon as possible transmits one Net surfer to the other independently of the races, capitalist or socialist membership and political opinions or beliefs. Thus, if you believe in it, without nobody being able to call you by your name, you are invited to work so that it joins the few billion human as soon as possible.

I expect to have put in full light the reasons which make me believe that it is necessary and urgent to change a mode of management of the planet which founded on the competition and consumption for another is based on the creation/cooperation and the promotion of the human one. The problem in the competition it is that it aims at making gaining what involves the need for also making losers. The universalization of the markets made pass the competition of a level individual or located on a level where in fact whole populations become losing. Fusions will accentuate this problem because nothing will stop the thirst being able and for possession. The challenge which is launched to us is to make realize in this world dominating which it acts as the catoblépas which symbolizes stupidity by devouring the feet. If capitalism became aware, that to destroy the environment, to waste the natural richnesses and to involve with despair youth by leaving it unemployed or in precarious employment, that is equivalent devouring the feet, it would change surely orientation.C' is undoubtedly what Mr Soros wants to say when it affirms that capitalism effronde. In the same way when capitalism acts more like one ball to demolish, crashing to pieces an economy after the other, Mr Soros will find certainly a resemblance to the catoplébas which killed all those that it looked at.

In fact, if capitalism is threatened, it seems well that it is of itself that comes this threat. Its survival depends on its capacity to change, to give a social mission as thought it Mr Pierre Péladeau de Québecor. While passing, it is a pity that it is deceased because I think that it was one of the rare capitalists who thought thus. I hope that his/her children will succeed. The transformation of capitalism will have to be radical and this transformation does not have a chance to be carried out that if it develops the desire to be linked with the socialist dimension of humanity, as that occurs on the level from a human couple. Most beautiful or most vigorous young man will not be likely any to ensure his descent if it passes his life to make the fanfaron and to card-index everyone.

The reasons which should justify it are numerous. An economy based on consumption does not have long-term future because it favours a group with the costs of the other. In the countries provided well in natural richnesses, one invents useless products or vermin under pretext that that creates jobs. This causes to waste natural richnesses, to pollute to produce and to pollute to get rid some. A second effect, it is to accustom the population not to be interested or close the eyes on the problems of pollution which rises from the activities of the company because that would endanger employment. What is still worse, it is that the fact of working only for the wages, the motivation misses and makes the workers similar to programmable automats.

These two aspects involve long-term costs for the companies because the costs connected to the depollution and the absence of profit-sharing of the employees will always end up joining them. It is the same for unemployment and the effects indirect. According to Mr Marquis, unemployment is an amplifier of about all the physical diseases, nervous diseases and of all the social evils: delinquency, drugs, which contribute to fill the prisons.

The formula of continuous profit-sharing in the cell capitalist-Socialist would reverse all these factors of impoverishment while making of all its members of the researchers of continuous improvement for the human ones and their environment. Medium term, we will thus attend with a reduction in manufacture of useless and harmful products to the profit of products considered to be useful and necessary. It would follow an increase in unemployed person, which would not be a drama, because meanwhile, we will have set up a plan of reduction of the working time based on the sharing. This new situation would make it possible to import labour < immigrants of any nationality > who would become them also consumers of goods useful and necessary. In Canada, it is certainly not the place which we miss. With a density of population of a dozen inhabitants with km2 < by considering a surface of 25% livable >, it will be necessary much time for us before catching up with Singapore with its 6,000 habitants/km2.

At present, the immense plains of the West are especially reserved for the culture of the grain to nourish animals. Perhaps that we could gradually transform our diet with the profit of the famished ones. It appears that if we reduce our meat consumption of only ten percent, the problem of the hunger would be regulated in the world. This is based on the fact that one needs twelve books of grains to cause production of a pound of meat. It would thus be enough to identify the populations where the natural richnesses are about non-existent and to offer to them an one-way ticket to only go to live in countries where there is much space.

There is a democratic aspect which I would like to announce. It is that in the possibility that one day the significant decisions are made by the few hundreds of people who will have taken seat aboard formed rocket of the superposition of the layers of cells capitalist-Socialists, I do not believe only one situation similar to that which occurs to the United States reproduces. Indeed, it is quite simply incredible which the extra-marital adventures of a president degenerated at the point to mobilize the governmental apparatus around this question during months. It is the only example among hundreds of others which I keep in mind. I would as like to announce as the fact that each human ability to be voted, could exert its influence through the superposition of the triangles by the votes of those which are in the part higher than the moment of a vote, even if this influence can seem microscopic, it is real and whole. This contradicted futurologist Mr Alvine Toffler which said that even with all the technological means that we have, the democracy will be never perfect. Without him to keep resentment to have said that, I wish to make lie his assertion.

To finish on a spiritual note, I would say that if I had to make you a very simple summary of the message contained in this long parchment, I would choose this small anecdote. They are three stone masons of which one had required what they made. First answered: < I cut stone >, the second, < I earn my living >, the third, < I build a cathedral >.

Same work with three different visions. But I am convinced that the third was much happier because it had the impression to work with a great project. I wish that the message that I bring to you give you the taste and the impression whom you work with a great project because it is indeed the case. It is a question of building the man of the future.

I hope to have found the words to convince you that you can and that you must be registered like volunteer to prepare the last phase of the evolution. In any case, I give you the vision that Teilhard de Chardin had on our capacity to work on the Evolution of the Man. Teilhard presents to us in his work his vision of the world which is pressed on two pillars: Evolution and the Man. All its life, it fought to make accept the Evolution. Today, the Evolution is generally accepted. That the Man is in the biological continuity of the monkey does not scandalize anybody any more. But science and the literature tend to standardize the place of the Man in the Animal kingdom: there would be only one difference of degree and not in nature between the considered thought of the Man and the psychism of the animal. The man is an exceptional being! We must become aware of its qualities spécifiques:sa creativity which transforms the face of the Earth and reveals the secrecies of the Universe, its freedom which involves choices and responsibility, its capacity to like and its desire of absolute, which give him a so particular place in the Universe in evolution. After the appearance of the Man, the biological evolution continues with the social evolution, by the evolution of the human societies within Humanity. Teilhard proposes to all the men, some is their religious faith, an exciting project which is based on its Faith in the Man. The man has the factors necessary to continue the evolution: its personal creativity to imagine and carry out new social structures. its freedom which involves choice and responsibilities. its capacity d?aimer offering cement to him to stabilize these structures its desire d?absolu which can support its effort. Necessary to the continuation of the evolution, they are in him and him only can implement them, it is responsible to the future of the Humanity! One can wonder whether this vision of l?évolution could join all the human ones according to their belief? I dare to say yes. Why simplify with l?extrême and try to believe only the humanity is not the fruit of the chance. In this direction, one could imagine that it's the work of a super-engineer, of which the goal is to make hatch the intelligence and the conscience or reach the strongest possible development of the mankind. This supreme and subtle engineer would have create the infiniment small and the infiniment large, the beauty of the flowers and the complexity of the human brain. In this optics, one can as imagine that through a combination of circumstances, It would have suggested us reprogramming the human cell < criteria of the capitalist cell > and include it in a vehicle < rocket virtual > to come symbolically to his meeting, c?est-with-statement as the humanity would take the form which resembles to him, human with l?esprit purified, always directed towards the good, best. In others words, it s?agirait meeting of a pure spirit with a pure spirit. And if that is complicated still too much or that that did not meet in your belief, I suggest you joining me where I am at present. That's with a little embarrassment that I must acknowledge that the only energy which allowed me to present this message to you, that's precisely these small impossible made possible under certain conditions that i had tested and of which i had been pilot. All this rises of a small thought from Sister Teresa: "That nobody comes to you without setting out again better and more merry " . What seems me to be a modern version of a commandement: "Love one another". This s?adress with the capitalists and the dominant Socialists... thus qu?aux and with dominated. Welcome with all for the preparation of the last phase of l?évolution and with next... perhaps. .





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